Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello World/Prologue/Big Bang/whatever

First post!
A bit about me and this blog:
I have varied interests, including science, mathematics, reading, programming, and being lazy in general. I have been told by many people that I should start a blog, but I couldn't bring myself to choose which of my interests to follow. So, I decided to make a mishmash blog with posts from varying topics. All I'm afraid of is that this will scare off lots of readers; so I'll try to keep a balance between the posts (Though I'll end up doing more programming and science posts than reading and maths)
Because of the mishmash nature of this blog, I have given this first post a title that takes care of most of the intended subjects of this blog.
I am recently strapped for time, so I may not post as regularly as I should. This situation ought to get over by next May.
Stuff I do in my spare time:
  • Read stuff: Fiction, Nonfiction, and everything in between
  • Help out at Wikipedia (Volunteer work, writing userscripts, programming)
  • Code random useful stuff
  • Attempt to uncover the secrets of physics (and fail miserably)
  • Delve into Mathematics (No secrets to uncover here)
  • Figure out new ways to be lazy and thus get more free time (in which I figure out more ways to be lazy and thus get more free time[...])
  • Hack stuff
  • Other random stuff that I'm too lazy to think about now.