Friday, May 11, 2012

Stack Exchange

Alright. I haven't been posting in a while, but I decided to take some time out today and post something.

Let's talk about a new discovery of mine. Stack Exchange .

StackExchange is a growing network of question-and-answer sites. Well, there are lots of those, aren't there? But SE is quite different from the rest. For one, it has a much better user base. Civility is maintained, and you can expect quality answers to quality questions. Also, it has a more "community" feel, like Wikipedia.

I started off on Physics.Stackexchange with a few questions of mine, and gradually began to like the site. One thing that's great about the site is that you can learn a lot while posting answers. Many times, you think you understand something, but you don't, not really. Thoughts are a jumbled mess and it's always hard to analyse them. On the other hand, the moment you try to put your thoughts into writing--well--then you learn about your own confusions. Teaching others is a great way to learn stuff yourself; the fact that you are trying to make others understand something mandates that you yourself understand it first. Also, others have different ways of thinking, and can lead you to exploring new avenues of thought. I haven't asked many questions  on P.SE (17 to be exact), but I've given tons of answers. And I do feel that my physics has improved a lot after joining. And I've had fun as well, for example while writing this answer and this answer .

Recently, a new site opened. Chemistry.SE. I'm pretty excited about this one as well, and I'm hoping the site flourishes. If you have any Chemistry questions, please ask them there! Though try to make them good questions. "Why does Coke and Mentos explode?" is not a good question.